Saturday 2nd July

Jurassic Coastal Walk (21km)

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MF London Jurassic day out


02/07/2022 – £65


21km Hiking adventure across the stunning Jurrassic coast 😍
Starting the day at MF London ready to jump on the Coach for 06:00. You will travel to Kimmerage Bay in Dorset where we will meet Pickles (@coach_pickles) our guide for the day.
At 09:00 we will set off on our 21km, 6hr adventure along the Jurassic Coast.
Along the route their is endless stunning views. Coves, Caves and a few steps and hills to say the least. All the beauty will be captured by our professional hiking photographer that will be following us along the entire route.
(4.5hrs into the hike there’s a lovely outdoor sea pool to jump in for a dip if you wish so bring your swim wear)
We will arrive in Swanage the finish point of the hike at approximately 15:30. This is where you will have a couple of hours to grab some food, sunbathe, do a bit of shopping in the lovely local shops etc.
The coach back to London will leave Swanage at 18:00 arriving back to MF London at approximately 21:00.
The route for the day is hard. But manageable for most. You’re more than welcome to bring family or friends but it is recommended that they have a reasonable level of fitness as their is various difficult hills and steps throughout the hike.
Kit list:
  • Hiking boots or shoes if you have them or comfy trainers you don’t mind getting dirty if not. (Bring a spare pair for after the hike) you won’t have to carry them they can go in the safety vehicle following us along the route.
  • Suitable socks, thin full length socks recommended as trainer socks tend to slip and cause heal rub
  • Shorts or thin leggings are recommended. If you want to wear hiking trousers it’s best to have a lightweight pair with plenty of stretch as their is a few steps
  • Suitable underwear
  • MF T-Shirt if you have one.
  • Suitable backpack
  • Fleece
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Water for upto 6hrs
  • Snack’s for 6hrs of hiking
  • Swimsuit/towel if wanted
*Additional information*
  • Prepare and pack expecting some rain and a cold evening and you’ll not go far wrong. (Don’t just pack as if it will be sunny 😁
  • Crocs/Slider/flip flops (your feet will thank you when not on the hike)
  • The photographer is there for your benefit to capture your memories of the day, use and abuse them as you see fit.
  • If you’re fit. You’ll be standing around more at the top of the hills, bare this in mind and bring a light jacket in the top of your bag as it may get slightly chilly waiting around. We are as fast as our slowest member and will walk as a group
  • There is a safety car following us along the route so all spare items you bring can go in there so you don’t have to carry all your spare clothes/shoes etc.
  • 06:00 MF London
  • 09:00 21km Hike and Chill in the beach
  • 18:00 Coach back to London
  • 21:00 arrive at MF London
Any questions let us know!