Our programmes are designed to build strength & conditioning


You will cycle between 4 stations. The Rig, Ski, Bike and Row.

The week is broken down into muscle splits, burn out and the very popular challenger sessions. We go even further by breaking down into strength and power, strength endurance, hypertrophy and de-load phases.


Focused on building strength and power. For this we use our rig for your main lifts, DBs, KBs and body weight for your accessory exercises, and incorporated into the session our bikes, ski ergs and rowers to make sure you get that explosive push to sweat and burn those calories.


Every 4 weeks we de-load & re-test. During this week you will test / re-test your strength by completing a 10 rep max on 4 compound lifts. Test / re-test your fitness by completing challenges on a run, bike, row & ski erg. It's a great way to track your progression and keep pushing yourself to the next level.


Bringing together the MF community. You will be put into a team to complete certain challenges and tasks competing against other teams. Targets will be reps, calories on the bike, row or ski etc. Whether you are coming alone or with friends, you will always be part of a team on the day pushing each other to the limit.


Focusing on cardio and building your aerobic capacity. The weight will be reduced to concentrate on speed and volume. All equipment will be in play, expect high bursts on the ski erg, bike and rower, repetitions on thrusters, box jumps, burpees and more. You have the choice to work alone or in pairs.

MF London’s weekly programming

  • Monday
    Quads, hip flexors and core (Lower body push)
  • Tuesday
    Chest, Triceps & Shoulders (Upper body push)
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    Hamstrings, glutes and posterior chain (Lower body Pull)
  • Friday
    Back and biceps (Upper body Pull)
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    Full body STRENGTH

“Excellent! Brutal...but excellent! Highly recommended if you're up for a challenging workout. I'll definitely be going back.”

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“Amazing workouts. The sessions are always different. It's a perfect combination of strength and conditioning.”

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