Our Functional Fitness Program incorporates all elements of fitness from Strength and Power, Athletic Development, General Physical Preparedness and Muscle Building.

Whether you are the Every Day Athlete or compete in Functional Fitness competitions, our program caters to all ability levels.
We are also a Hyrox Affiliated gym.

Our structured programming runs in 15 week training cycles.

Each cycle starts with a block of “GPP”
These weeks aim to build work capacity, improve function/versatility, mobility, movement integrity, and lay a solid foundation for the rest of the cycle to come.

This is followed by a period of “Functional Hypertrophy”. This targets muscle growth for physical performance and includes some elements of athletic development such as jumping and throwing. This bridges the gap between GPP and Strength.

This leads into a block of Strength and Power Development. Higher in intensity and lower in volume, this block aims to increase Force Production (loads lifted) and increase Power/Speed.

We then move into a block of “Hypertrophy” which is lower in intensity and higher in volume to focus on building lean muscle tissue.

Each training cycle then ends with a two week testing phase that assesses and continually monitors periodically your progress in both strength and general fitness.

On top of our well rounded structured programming, across the week we also run a host of General Fitness and Conditioning sessions, from Full Body Strength to Hyrox specific training sessions, Metcons to Sweat, and Burnout which is our signature partner workout.

Whatever your ability level or fitness goals are, we have all bases covered to help you become the best well rounded athlete that you can be in a fun and challenging environment surrounded by like minded individuals.

We look forward to welcoming you into MF London community soon.

MF London

United through grit and determination

We deliver several programmes, with each session drawing upon many different exercises, formations and combinations to obtain maximum results.

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Strength Upper

Upper body strength workouts with a high intensity twist. Each session will get your muscles pumping and calories burning.

Strength Lower

Lower body strength workouts with a high intensity twist. Each session will get your muscles pumping and calories burning.


High intensity, calorie torching workout.


Team-based workout, every weekend.

About MF London

No One Gets Left Behind

Military Fitness London is a fitness studio offering a combination of high intense, strength and conditioning classes, run by former British Forces Soldiers. Military Fitness incorporates sports science with traditional military fitness methods to deliver constantly varying workouts that include strength, cardiovascular, endurance, conditioning and competition.

Our classes cater for all fitness and are structured to target all muscle groups, on a week to week basis, whilst increasing fitness and stamina. Our motto is “No One Gets Left Behind” and we mean it. At MF there is no ego! We are all united through grit and determination, striving to become the best version of ourselves.

Grant King, former British soldier, spent 8 years in the army, having done tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. His experiences in the army inspired him to continue applying the principles of discipline and camaraderie in his civilian life. He is the founder and the master mind behind it. The Military Fitness concept stems from a genuine desire to bring people together, through fitness, done the military way. In a world alienated by excessive use of technology, we want to bring a sense of togetherness and belonging by building a community of like-minded people.