A personalised workout program you can do anywhere in the world

Take MF with you where ever you are in the world. We will design your workout program. We will be with you every step of the way keeping you accountable and motivated. This program is for the long haul not some short time fix, this is a lifestyle. Get started as soon as you sign up

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  •  Workouts posted daily
  •  Program overview
  • Live Q&A and live check ins weekly
  • Mobility drills to follow
  • Be part of our MF community
  • Monthly challenges
  • Nutrition advice and guidance
  • Be part of our MF community
  • Tracker and progress sheets
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a Strength & Conditioning program which will be individually tailored to your ability, create an MF community from people all over the world, and make exercising simple, fun, and beneficial.

We believe the reason why people do not stick to a workout plan is due to not knowing how to correctly create the perfect plan designed for their individual needs. Also lacking accountability is another factor people do not stick to their plan. MF Online is going to build that perfect plan for you to get results, build a community to help with accountability, and check in with you every 2 weeks.

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